Utendus is my CMS. With Utendus you can easily build your own website. Utendus is still work in progress.

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You want a website?

You want a website that does work. ivogabe can make that for you. Your own website has many benefits, such as:
  • Higher reputation
  • Better known
  • Online orders

You want special software?

You want software to make your company more efficient, not to get more problems with ICT. ivogabe can help you developing software that your company needs.

About ivogabe

ivogabe is a company which helps companies use the abilities of, for example, the internet, tablets or the cloud. We are registered as a company in the Netherlands under company number 55871291.

The internet is used by a lot of young people, so why wouldn't you have your website or program created by one of them? Also, I did at the Dutch Open University 2 courses: Object Orientated Programming in Java and Databases. I completed them both succesfully. At the Creative Game Challenge of 2010-2011, a competition to make your own game, I won the price for the best puzzle game with my game The Rescue of the Elements. In 2012 I was 10th in the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad, a mathematical competition for the secondary school. I also read a few books and I follow new technologies via the internet.
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